Family law

Family law aspects are particularly relevant in so-called “entrepreneurial marriages” in which at least one of the spouses works as an entrepreneur (for example, as the owner of a business or as a shareholder). Since a company can experience substantial capital gains in the course of a marriage, it is recommended – before, but also during the marriage – to conclude a marriage contract in order to make clear arrangements. In particular, the balance of the agreements reached is of crucial importance.

Our priorities in the field of family law are in particular:

  • Preparation and examination of marriage contracts
  • Consulting and preparation of separation and divorce settlement agreements
  • Advice and representation in mutual divorce proceedings
  • Advice and representation in disputed divorce proceedings

Who to contact:

Dr. Jennifer Meyer-Jüres

Rechtsanwältin, Fachanwältin für Medizinrecht, Partner

Marc Baldus

Rechtsanwalt, Partner

Axel Walter

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M. (Melbourne), Partner

Olaf Junge

Rechtsanwalt, Senior Partner

Dr. Dieter Schüngeler

Rechtsanwalt, Senior Partner

Irmtraud Wendland

Rechtsanwältin, Senior Partner

Jürgen Michels

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Kia Noghrekar

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Ann-Christin Wendler

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