Tax law

Tax advice plays an important role in the comprehensive advice we provide to our clients, in particular with regard to company sales and acquisitions, company successions and reorganizations, complex real estate and financial transactions as well as inheritance law. As a result, only the coordination of the clients’ economic requirements with their tax interests can guarantee the optimum result.

In close cooperation with the auditors and tax consultants, we advise our clients in all matters relating to domestic, cross-border and international tax law.

Our advisory services include in particular:

  • Tax advice on restructuring, company reorganization and corporate acquisitions
  • Tax-optimised succession planning for companies and private individuals
  • Inheritance and gift tax law
  • Tax support for national and international real estate transactions
  • Representation in proceedings in fiscal courts
  • Representation in criminal prosecutions of tax offenders

Who to contact:

Irmtraud Wendland

Rechtsanwältin, Counsel

Jürgen Michels

Rechtsanwalt, Steuerberater, Associate