Real Estate Utilization / Foreclosure Sale / Partition by public auction

The utilization of real estate property constitutes often the last remaining possibility for creditors to enforce and recover debts from defaulting or bad debtors. Partition by public auction can considerably contribute to a settlement in disputes regarding family and inheritance issues. The respective proceedings are determined by numerous legal regulations.

Our activities mainly focus on the following services:

  • Legal drafting concerning the establishment of real estate securities
  • Initiation and structuring of out-of-court marketing activities and property securisation measurements
  • Execution of direct sales of encumbered real estate property
  • Registration of judgement liens
  • Preparation, introduction and monitoring of proceedings regarding forced administration and foreclosure sales
  • Representation of creditors and potential bidders in foreclosure auctions
  • Registration and enforcement of debts in hearings regarding the allocation of the auction proceeds

Who to contact:

Marc Baldus

Rechtsanwalt, Partner